How To Make A Male Orgasm Last Longer…


What’s up people? Here we go again. I guess you’re wondering what that picture of pills has to do with this post. We’ll get into that later. But for now, it seems like most of you didn’t get the memo on this subject. So I am going to have to tell you how to do this another way. The subject today? How to make a male orgasm last longer. That’s it. Plain and simple. You keep asking, so I’ll keep giving it to you like you like it…RAW! (No pun intended!) So let’s get into it!

This subject is the same as the subject of this entire site but with a slight twist. The people asking this question have two different agendas: They either want their male orgasms to last longer than the normal 3 to 10 seconds. Or they want their orgasms to last longer in bed. Meaning they want to be able to hold off the male part of the orgasm until later. Either way we already talked about the latter part. So let’s get into the first part. Because this is a subject that we haven’t covered yet. OK? Let’s go!

How to make a male orgasm last longer can be done in one of two ways: With or without a partner. It’s more fun with a partner, so let’s explore that part of this subject. To make a male orgasm last longer mainly depends on the man. As I said in my last post, all men are different, so some things that will work for me might not work for your man. But generally speaking, one of the best ways to make a male orgasm last longer is to lengthen the time between sexual escapades.

When you do this you let the sperm and semen build up. So when you do get around to having sex, it’s a real explosion! Usually, the more sperm in your system, the longer the orgasm. Because in reality, that’s all a male orgasm is supposed to do anyway: Deliver the sperm to the egg. And the process to deliver that precious cargo involves a whole bunch of muscles that work in unison. These muscles include all of the muscles in or around the penis and the prostate…

Now if you’re having sex almost everyday, (good for you!), you will have to stop. I’m sorry but you have to let your sperm build back up. And one of the only ways to do this is to stop having sex. Waiting for about 2 or 3 days should do it. Waiting for a week will make a male orgasm last even longer. Now of course if you have a steady partner it’s more fun with them on board. Because they too will also have to wait and when you two lovebirds get together you will both have very explosive orgasms together!

Now if waiting a couple of days is not an option for you then your only other answer is to take a product called volume pills. These pills do exactly what their name says: Increase the volume of semen in your scrotum! And the more semen you have in your system, the more intense your orgasm will be! So if this is something that you are interested in, I recommend that you the check the volume pills out by clicking the highlighted link!

If you are looking for even more information on making male orgasms last longer, then I recommend the Ejaculation Guru! See you next time!